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What is an EKG? When you were at the hospital, your physician ordered an EKG, or electrocardiogram.  The EKG is a test done on your heart.
What is an ECG, then? The electrocardiogram is also called an ECG.
Is another name EEG? No. An EEG is an electroencephalogram, a brain test.
I never authorized an EKG. Who ordered this EKG? You authorized all tests done at the hospital when you were admitted.  Your personal doctor ordered this EKG.
I don't remember meeting your doctor.  When did he see me? The doctor does not come to meet you.  When your doctor orders an EKG, a technician comes to you with a small machine on a cart. He/she hooks up a bunch of wires to patches on your chest, then runs the recording machine which produces a page of information (like the background you see here).  This "EKG" is taken to the cardiology office where one of our doctors reads it. A report is then given to your doctor.
Where is the EKG now? The EKG is placed into your medical records at the hospital.
What if I want a copy of my EKG? Call the Medical Records Department at the hospital and request one and it will be sent to you. There may be a small charge for this service. You don't need a copy in order to bill your insurance. If the insurance company wants a copy, they will order it directly from the hospital. Your primary insurance routinely orders a copy of all medical records related to your stay at the hospital.
Why did I get a bill from you? As a result of the Omnibus Budget Act of 1984, all contracting physicians are required by law to bill separately for these tests. We are billing you or your insurance for the services of our physicians who read your EKG(s).
But I gave all my insurance information to the hospital. Why don't you get it from them? Usually your insurance information is passed to us as a part of the electronic billing data we receive from the hospital.  However, sometimes we do not receive this information, or due to other circumstances, it becomes necessary for us to ask you to provide it directly to us. We apologize for the inconvenience.
I still have a question. Who can I ask? For the fastest response, e-mail with your question.  You will have an answer within one day.

If you prefer to call, call .  This phone is answered by a machine, so you can leave a message.  Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

What information do you need?
Carrier Information we need:
You can e-mail this information to or call and leave a voice mail message on our answering machine at .
No insurance None. We will bill you directly.
Medicare Your Medicare (HIC) number.  It is usually your Social Security Number or your spouse's, followed by a letter.
Medi-Cal Your Medi-Cal number, and the name of the HMO you go to, if any.
MIA Your MIA number.
HMO The name of the HMO you belong to, and the name, address, and phone number of the facility you go to, and your subscriber number. Also, we need to know the medical group that your doctor is a part of.
Primary Insurance The name and address of your primary insurance carrier, and you subscriber number.  If there is a group number, give us that also.  If you have Blue Shield or Blue Cross and you have a plan number, give us that also.  If you have both primary and secondary insurance, give us the information for both; otherwise, we will bill you for patient's (your) share of cost.
Secondary Insurance The name and address of your secondary insurance carrier, and you subscriber number.  If there is a group number, give us that also.  If you have Blue Shield or Blue Cross and you have a plan number, give us that also.
Please note: If you have insurance, do not pay us directly unless you are paying your share of cost. If your insurance pays, we will just have to refund the money to you.

or more information e-mail:
or leave a phone message at